Thursday, January 17, 2013

Adam West as Batman


  1. No, no, NO! You've got it wrong! It's not Adam West AS Batman! It's Adam West IS Batman! :)

  2. You're right of course! The only Batman who matters, anyhow!

  3. Well, the 1943 and 1948 versions are good Batmen (Batmans?) in my opinion, too! :)

    No one since Adam West wore the cape and cowl as well, and Mr. West did his forebears proud! I was introduced to the 1943 serial by my father when I was a wee lad, and I'm SURE a huge chunk of that is because of my love of the '66 Batman TV show, and all of the Bat-toys I got for Christmas of '68! I still miss my Ideal "soldier" figures, and Bat-helmet! :)