Friday, November 18, 2011

Vintage Japanese Batman LPs

Batman tank

Batman and Robin walkie talkies

Batman 1966 cast picture: Burt Ward, Adam West and Neil Hamilton

Julie Newmar TV Guide cover

Batman escape gun

Rubber Batman figure

Batman 1966 series on Me-TV this Saturday!

Me-TV continues its broadcasts of the 1966 'Batman" TV series with:

Instant Freeze
Mr. Freeze seeks revenge against Batman for knocking a beaker of Instant Freeze on him during a past fight, an accident that has rendered Freeze incapable of going out in public without a special air-conditioned suit and forces him to live in a super-cooled house designed to keep his body temperature at a frosty 50 degrees below zero.

Rats Like Cheese 
A very frigid Batman and Robin are immediately rushed to Gotham City Hospital where they are thawed out with the help of the miraculous Super-Hypotherm-De-Icifier Chamber Mark VII, which reverses the freezing process. Freeze, meanwhile, has captured Paul Diamante (Spanish for "diamond"), the star pitcher of The Gotham City Eagles baseball team, just before the big game.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Batman 1966 TV series on Me-TV Saturday Nov. 5

This Saturday on Me-TV:

Fine-feathered Finks
Awaiting release from prison, The Penguin, that pompous, waddling master of fowl play, schemes to get his adversary, The Batman, to plan his crimes for him; his first step is to attract The Caped Crusader's attention. Penguin has his Finks Hawkeye and Sparrow distribute free umbrellas to patrons outside The House Of Ali Baba Jewelry Store and a local bank. The men passing them out call it a promotion, but the owners of the jewelry store and bank know that they weren't hired by them.

The Penguin's a Jinx
Bruce Wayne's burning feet revive him just in time, and he retrieves from his pocket his cigarette lighter containing a lifetime supply of butane gas, and throws it into the fire. A sudden blast ensues, eating up the oxygen, putting the furnace out, and throwing Bruce free from the net, far enough to make his escape.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011