Friday, December 9, 2011

Batman 1966 series on Me-TV Saturday Dec. 10

Me-TV continues its run of the 1966 "Batman" TV series with:

The Thirteenth Hat
Jervis Tetch, The Mad Hatter, sets out to take revenge against The Batman and the 12 members of the jury that convicted him and sent him to prison. Using The Super Instant Mesmerizer concealed in his top hat, he begins stealing hats of the jurors--along with their owners! After collecting most of the jury, Tetch decides it's time to add Batman's cowl.

Batman Stays Pat
Jervis Tetch is convinced that The Batman has smothered to death inside the plaster, and he has the real Marbot break it open in order to obtain a mold of The Caped Crusader's cowl. As Marbot slowly chips away at the plaster shroud, they hear someone chipping away from the inside!

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